San Miguel River Protections



  • Adding protections for the San Miguel SMA provides an opportunity to energize the sportsmen community around passage of the San Juan Wilderness Act.

  • Including the river corridor and major tributaries (primarily BLM) from downstream of Telluride to the country line would include over 25 miles of stream.

  • The San Miguel is facing increasing threats from increased use (recreational and development) as well placer/recreational mining.

  • Colorado River cutthroat trout conservation populations are found in Elk, Horsefly, Red Canyon, Goat and Deep Creeks.

  • Important wildlife habitats for Elk, Mule Deer, Rock Mountain Bighorn Sheep, and Desert Big Horn Sheep are found within the proposed SMA.

  • Naturita Canyon, Deep Canyon, and the San Miguel River corridor are important migration pathways between high and low elevations and habitats.